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Garage 808 will still only be working on BMW’s and MINI’s, but 808 PERFORMANCE will be offering software only on most vehicles, where possible. Most cars manufactured after 2000, have ECU’s (engine control units). This means that vehicle performance enhancements can be done with software. And we are now offering this service to all makes of vehicles, where possible. We can even do something for your bikes, boats and trucks’ software!


Previously we outsourced our CAT Delete software, but now we can do this in-house. Also DPF (diesel particulate filter) Delete, EGR (engine gas recirculation) Delete, Swirl-flap Delete, Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance Software, Crackle & Pop Mapping… just ask us and we’ll confirm if we can make it happen for you.

Please note that if any other work is required, for instance a Golf or Mercedes Benz that needs to be decatted, you can contact Powerflow Belville on 021 930 7717 for the manual work. But you can contact us for the software requirements.

It is always best to email us at info@garage808.co.za

We’ll need the following information:

  1. full VIN number
  2. mileage
  3. car’s details (year, make & model, is it turbo-charged etc)
  4. type of gearbox (auto, manual, SMG)
  5. are any modifications / enhancements already present, or is the car standard? Please remember that downpipes or CATS that have been removed, is regarded as modifications, as it’s not standard anymore as when the car left the factory.
  6. what is it that you want done? Do you want to have the CATS removed, but you are uncertain if software is required? Or are you considering fitting a downpipe and want to know how much more power you can squeeze out the engine?


Stage 1 Performance Software is when performance software only is required, without having to do anything else.


Stage 2 Performance Software is when the performance software is done in conjunction with the exhaust alterations and fitment of a performance air filter. We recommend Powerflow Bellville for the removal of the CATS, DPF or any other work you’d like to have done to the exhaust.  Again, we will advise on the expected power gains. We’ll also do recommendations regarding the appropriate air filters, as our preference is K&N.


Delete Software is when specific functions are switched off. These include CAT Delete, DPF Delete, Swirl-flap Delete, EGR Delete and more. If Stage 1 or Stage 2 Performance Software is chosen, the Delete Software can be included at no extra costs.


As mentioned, the software services are available for most makes of vehicles, but we’d need to confirm based on your car’s particulars. So, the more accurate your information is, the better feedback we can give when quoting. Most vehicles can be read via the OBD port, but there are some models where the ECU needs to be removed for bench-flashing. Where possible, we will confirm this when quoting. Because it’s more time-consuming to do the bench-flashing, the cost is a bit more, but we will give you as much information before you decide to commit to any work being done.


It’s important to remember that when doing any modifications to a standard vehicle, it will always be at the vehicle-owner’s risk. But we are confident that the product we offer is of outstanding quality and we will always have your best interest at heart.