Estimated quotes are done based on the car’s VIN number. VIN = Vehicle Identification Number. When requesting a quote, please always include the last 7 digits of the car’s VIN number. You will find this number on the license disc on your windscreen.


Our parts’ prices are directly linked to our suppliers’ prices. This is why it is an Estimated Quote. As the suppliers’ prices fluctuate, so it affects our parts’ prices.


When it comes to labour costs, our current hourly rate is R605 (inclusive of VAT).
However, please note that some of the repairs or maintenance items have flat rates, not necessarily based on time required.


It is best to email your quote request to info@garage808.co.za


Remember to include the last 7 digits of the VIN number, as well as the items which you need a quote for. If you are experiencing problems with the vehicle, it is always helpful when you include a bit of history, or description of the symptoms.


Once we receive your request for a quotation, it goes into a queueing system. We will forward your quote as soon as possible.