Regular oil services are required

When oil services are not done regularly (or poor quality oil is used), the engine oil thickens and becomes a sludge. If this is done repeatedly, this is what the inside of the engine could end up looking like. The oil hardens to the point where it is stuck in crispy pieces of sludge everywhere. Sludging leads to all sorts of other problems in terms of performance and the engine’s ability to breathe.

The sludge in the container came from an E90 LCi N46N-engine, which had just over 30 000KM on the clock. Even though the vehicle’s service indicators may tell you to do oil services every 25 000KM (or even more), we strongly recommend that this guidance not be followed. When it comes to oil services, we bring the normally aspirated engines’ service intervals down to every 15 000KM’s and the turbo-charged engines’ intervals down to every 12 000KM’s.

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