Too much sealer used on gaskets

Quite often we find that sealer has been used on gaskets, especially on tappet cover gaskets. More often than not, too much sealer has been used. This is usually the case when a gasket has been reused, instead of replacing it. The problem with using sealer when it’s not required, is that bits can break off and cause other problems, which are preventable.

Here is a good example of a tappet cover gasket which was covered in sealer. It takes extra time to clean off all the sealer residue stuck to the tappet cover and the cylinder head. The excess bits of silicone sealer broke up over time, and blocked up the fine mesh filters on the Vanos solenoid valves. This in turn, affects the performance of the engine, as the solenoid valves cannot operate as it should. The oil filter did it’s job very well. But it, too, was saturated with bits of sealer.

The multitude bits of sealer is spread throughout the engine and can block up the tiniest of galleries. It is advisable to replace gaskets, seals and o-rings whenever possible, instead of gluing an old one in place using excessive amounts of sealer.